Christina Christie, MS, LCSW

Work Address:  415 N. McKinley, Suite 500, Little Rock, AR 72205

Telephone: 501-664-6632 (work)


Degrees Awarded:

2013 M.S., Counseling Psychology, University of Central Arkansas

2007 M.A., Social Work, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

2003 B.A., Psychology, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

Educational History

University of Central Arkansas (UCA); Conway, Arkansas

  • Major: Counseling Psychology
  • Degree: Ph.D.; In progress
  • Dissertation: Combining the Partners for Change Outcome Management System and Trauma-
  • Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Treatment of Child and Adolescent Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

University of Central Arkansas (UCA); Conway, Arkansas

  • Major: Counseling Psychology
  • Degree: M.S.; December, 2013

University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR); Little Rock, Arkansas

  • Major: Social Work
  • Degree: M.A.; May, 2007
  • Honors: Summa cum laude

University of Arkansas at Fayetteville; Fayetteville, Arkansas

  • Major: Psychology
  • Minor: Communication
  • Degree: B.A.; May, 2003
  • Honors thesis: Empathy Development in 3-7 Year Old Children
  • Honors: Cum laude from Fulbright Honors College

Honors and Awards

Marie Wilson Howell Award of Excellence in the field of psychological research; April, 2003

Professional Service

Society of Counseling Psychology Doctoral Students at UCA; 2-term Secretary; August, 2013 - present

Counseling and Psychology Students (CAPS) Secretary at UCA; August, 2012 - May, 2013

Professional Affiliations

Southwest Psychological Association student member; November, 2013 - present

Psi Chi graduate student member; September, 2012 - present

American Psychological Association Student Member; September, 2012 - present

Arkansas Psychological Association Student Member; September, 2012 - present

Counseling and Psychology Students (CAPS) at UCA student member; August, 2011 - present

National Association of Social Workers member; May, 2007 - present

Professional Certifications

Nationally certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist; July, 2015 - present

Nationally certified Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral therapist; April, 2009 - present

Clinical and Supervisory Experience

August 1, 2016 - July 31, 2017: Accepted to internship at The Fowler Institute

June, 2015 - August, 2015: Supervisor of 4 Masters level students in the Counseling Psychology program at UCA

August, 2014 - April, 2015: Counseling practicum at The Fowler Institute in Little Rock, Arkansas

  • Supervisor: Joyce Fowler, Ph.D.
  • Provided individual, group and couples counseling addressing mood, personality and behavioral disorders and completed psychological assessments. Client population was primarily adults and adolescents at a private practice clinic in Little Rock, AR.

January, 2014 - April, 2014: Counseling practicum at the University of Central Arkansas Counseling Center

  • Supervisor: Jim Guinee, Ph.D.
  • Provided intakes and individual counseling for college-enrolled students. Clients primarily were diagnosed with depression, PTSD and anxiety. Developed and led a psychoeducational group on anger and healthy relationship management

August, 2013 - December, 2013: Counseling practicum at Health Resources of Arkansas in Clinton, AR

  • Supervisor: Richard Sayner, Ph.D.
  • Provided individual therapy sessions with adults with PTSD, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders and schizophrenia in a community mental health center. Completed intakes and diagnosed clients, completed treatment plans, and discharge summaries for clients receiving therapy at HRA. Also received experience working with incarcerated individuals with co-morbid substance abuse and mental health conditions.

January, 2013 - April, 2013: Counseling practicum at Counseling Associates, Inc. in Conway, AR

  • Supervisors: Rhomie King, M.S.; Lou Strain, L.P.E.
  • Provided individual psychotherapy for adults at a community mental health center. Most clients were treated for PTSD, anxiety disorders, and major depression.
  • Facilitated group sessions for adults with paranoid schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and major depressive disorder three times weekly. Group sessions were categorized as relapse prevention, relaxation training and coping skill development

June, 2012 - August, 2012: Counseling practicum at Union Rescue Mission in Little Rock

  • Supervisor: Dorcas VanGilst, M.S.
  • Facilitated weekly group therapy addressing childhood sexual abuse with adult females at a non-profit domestic violence shelter and substance abuse treatment program located in Little Rock, AR.
  • Provided weekly individual sessions with adult survivors of domestic violence and adult individuals in recovery from substance abuse.

Research Experience

March, 2012 - present: Currently participating in Dr. Femina Varghese’s research laboratory at UCA

  • Attend bi-monthly laboratory group meetings to discuss current research projects in the lab along with discussing trends in psychological research primarily focusing on youth and adult offenders.

May, 2015 - present: Preparing qualitative research study for publication                                                                   

October, 2014 - March, 2015: Developed a manual for a mentoring program and research study with local juvenile offenders on their career development                                                                                                                                                            

August, 2013 - November, 2014: Collected data in qualitative interviews with juveniles who have been incarcerated focusing on their career and education goals                                                                                                 

May, 2013 - August, 2013: Served as an auditor for Job Plans of the Incarcerated study (A poster presentation at the 2013 APA Conference)                                                                                                                                                     

May, 2012 - August, 2012: Served as an auditor for Counseling Psychology qualitative study                                           

Publications in Preparation

Varghese, F., Christie, C., Bihm, E. Anderson, E., & James, M. (2015). Work-related issues of juvenile offenders: A qualitative analysis.

Professional Presentations

Christie, C., Varghese, F., & Rowell, K. (2014). Race, Socioeconomic Status, and Employment History Effects on Offender Perceived Employment Opportunities. Talk presented at the annual Southwest Psychological Association conference; San Antonio, TX                  

Teaching Experience

Instructor (Spring, 2016) Course: 4320: Abnormal Psychology; 2 sections

Instructor (Fall, 2015) Course: PSYC 1300: General Psychology; 2 sections

Instructor (Spring, 2015) Course: PSYC 1300: General Psychology

Teaching Assistant (Fall, 2010 - May 2011) Courses: PSYC 1300: General Psychology; PSYC 2330

Psychological Statistics Instructor: Kurt Boniecki, Ph.D.

Teaching Assistant (Fall, 2010 - May, 2011) Courses: PSYC 4325 Physiological Psychology; PSYC3325

Cognitive Psychology; PSYC 3330 Sensation & Perception; Instructor: Kenith Sobel, Ph.D.

Guest Lecturer (Spring, 2011) Course: PSYC 1300: General Psychology 

Social Work Experience

Clinical Experience

August, 2006 - May, 2007: Interned at Youth Home, Inc. in Little Rock, Arkansas

  • Youth Home is a non-profit residential facility for adolescents. Facilitated weekly processand social skill development group therapy with adolescent females.
  • Developed and implemented an art therapy group for sexually abused adolescent females with supervision by a licensed social worker and art therapist.
  • Facilitated weekly family therapy sessions

August, 2005 - May, 2006: Interned at Baptist Hospital Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient Facility

  • Facilitated and developed bi-weekly group therapy sessions with acute inpatient adolescents. Sessions focused on relapse prevention, social skill and coping skill development. Additional experience was gained in observation of adult and geriatric psychiatric work in the hospital.

Employment History

August, 2016: Pre-doctoral internship at The Fowler Institute will begin; last for 1 year

August, 2015 - present: Employed as an outpatient, part-time therapist and neuropsychological technician at The Fowler Institute, Little Rock, AR

  • Individual and couples counseling with adults
  • Individual and family therapy with adolescents
  • Psychological testing

July, 2012 - August, 2013: Employed as an outpatient, part-time therapist with Life Strategies Counseling, Incorporated, a community mental health center in multiple regional locations in the state of Arkansas.

  • Individual and family therapy with children and adolescents
  • Individual and couples counseling with adults living with HIV/AIDS
  • In-home counseling

April 2008 - June, 2011: Employed as an outpatient therapist at the UAMS Child Study Center located at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, AR

  • Provided individual, group and family with children and adolescents that had a history of behavioral and mood disorders. Common interventions were Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
  • Experience developing and leading group therapy sessions with sexually abused adolescent females, male children and adolescents with disruptive behaviors and anger management problems and adolescent females with mood disorder diagnoses