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Courtney Crutchfield, Ph.D.

Work Address:  415 N. McKinley, Suite 500, Little Rock, AR 72205

Telephone: 501-664-6632 (work)


Degrees Awarded:

2009 Ph.D., Philosophy, Counseling Psychology, Tennessee State University

2003 M.A., Clinical Psychology, Austin Peay State University

2000 B.A., Psychology, University of Memphis

Educational History

Tennessee State University (American Psychological Association Accredited); Nashville, Tennessee

  • Major: Philosophy, Counseling Psychology
  • Degree: Ph.D.; August, 2009
  • Dissertation Title: This Is Insanity! Offender Mental Diagnosis on Trial
  • Dissertation Chairperson: Linda Guthrie, Ph.D. 

Austin Peay State University; Clarksville, Tennessee

  • Major: Clinical Psychology
  • Degree: M.A.; October, 2003

University of Memphis; Memphis, Tennessee

  • Major: Psychology
  • Degree: B.A.; August 2000

Clinical Experience

  • The Fowler Institute, August, 2014 - Present. Outpatient psychotherapy (individual, family, and group) and psychological assessment services
  •  Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System, October 2010 - Present. Clinical Coordinator Residential Rehabilitation  Treatment Program (RRTP)

§  Manage day to day operations of a 60-bed Homeless Domiciliary

§  Respond to complaints and issues brought forth by staff and Veterans in an efficient and effective manner

§  Develop and implement changes in programming based on feedback and current policies

§  Provided leadership for a successful CARF accreditation

§  Collaborate with other disciplines to provide education and training

§  Implements requirements of CARF and Joint Commission

§  Effectively communicates with staff and instills confidence in bringing forth new ideas for programming

§  Initiated quarterly staff recognition awards

§  Facilitate system change toward recovery-oriented services

- Clinical Psychologist (RRTP)

§  Recovery-oriented

§  Perform individual and group psychotherapy using EBT

§  Provide psychological assessment on individual patients to determine diagnosis and treatment recommendations

§  Administer, score and interpret psychological tests as needed

§  Provide consultation to colleagues

§  Provide supervision/consultation to trainees who have selected the Homeless Dom as a rotation

§  Provide mentorship to trainees of same and different disciplines

- Assistant Director of Training - Psychology and Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellowship Program - PSR Track (since July 2013)

§  Provide oversight and directionfor the psychosocial rehabilitation fellowship program

§  Establish learning opportunities for multi-discipline fellowship trainees

§  Provide training and supervision of  postdoctoral fellows, as well as interns and fellows from social work, vocational counseling, and other areas

§  Coordinate training schedules with different disciplines in conjunction with fellows strengths and areas of growth

§  Assisted in self-study and becoming an APA-approved fellowship program

  • August 2009 - September 2010: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System. Directors of Training: Jerry G. White, Ph.D., Wendy Batdorf, Ph.D.

- Facilitate a psycho-educational group with evidenced based practices in an acute inpatient psychiatric unit.  Provide individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/Cognitive Therapy, brief supportive therapy, and psycho-education. Aid in implementing/integrating psychosocial rehabilitation approaches to treatment and participate in Interdisciplinary Treatment Team.  Work closely with Veterans who have been diagnosed with a Serious Mental Illness (SMI) to develop recovery plans and goals for their future.  Receiving advanced training in Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Acceptance and      Commitment Therapy (ACT), Seeking Safety and Prolonged Exposure (PE) for veterans diagnosed with PTSD.  Co-facilitated CPT based groups and ACT based groups.  Perform clinical interviews and personality assessment.  Provide diagnostic clarification based on outcome of testing protocols.

  • July 2008 - July 2009: Predoctoral Internship, Arkansas State Hospital/Little Rock Community Mental Health Center  Directors of Training: Mellany Flynn, Psy.D., Hillary Hunt, Ph.D.        

- Clinical service in an interdisciplinary team providing consultation, rapid assessment,   motivational interviewing, and group intervention for severely persistently ill adult patients.  Provision of psychological assessment and therapeutic services for patients with criminal charges and psychological disorders and individual services for palliative care.  Provision of psychosocial rehabilitation services to veterans and active duty military personnel who were suffering with PTSD and other psychological disorders.

- Provision of comprehensive evaluations, psychological assessment, consultation services     individual and group therapeutic services for adolescent sex offenders and dual diagnosis adolescents.  Provision of relapse prevention group for adolescent sex offenders preparing to return to the community.

  • September 2007 - May 2008: - Doctoral Practicum III, Agape Christian Counseling

- Provide individual outpatient psychotherapy to children, adolescents and adults in the mental health clinic.  Work as part of a multidisciplinary team interacting productively with other disciplines to further manage client concerns.          

  • May 2007 - August 2007: Doctoral Practicum II, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Dept. of Psychiatry

- Performed clinical interviews and assessments, formulated clinical diagnoses, and wrote comprehensive reports for impaired professionals, 911 applicants, and other adults presenting with varied problems. 

  • September 2006 - May 2007: Doctoral Practicum I, Middle Tennessee Mental Health Institute

- Provide forensic evaluation to adults and children in a jail and community unit in effort to substantiate and determine competence or mental illness claims for the justice system at the time of the offense.  Formulation of clinical diagnosis and comprehensive reports to be utilized in court proceedings. 

  • January 2006 - June 2008: Information and Referral Specialist, Crisis Counselor, Family & Children’s Service

- Provide callers with information as it pertains to social services needs in the Nashville area. Involves active listening and interviewing skills in order to be able to analyze and match caller with appropriate services. As well as possess communication skills necessary to work with people in great need. Offer counseling services to individuals who are in a crisis situation.  Enable callers to discuss issues as it relates to their circumstances and provide them with therapeutic coping skills.

  • April 2006-August 2006: A to Z In Home Tutoring - SuperCharge Summer Camp, Logistics Supervisor/TSU Faculty Representative

- Designed and implemented a summer enrichment camp for 250 elementary-aged students affected by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  Supervised and trained Tennessee State University undergraduate students, Louisiana certified teachers and auxiliary camp staff.  Provided counseling, mentoring and support to camp personnel, camp students and families.  Supervised the instructional content and delivery of the TSU students in the Supercharge classrooms in addition to all academic instruction and recreational activities of the camp.

  • October 2003-January 2006: Intensive Outpatient Therapist, Bradford Health Services

- Supplied intensive outpatient therapy on a contract basis to chemically dependent individuals and their families.  Build and maintain therapeutic relationships to assist client in meeting goals of remaining clean and sober.  Provide educational information on the disease of alcohol and drug dependence and to be able to provide resources and other supports.

  • April 2004-January 2006: Family Services Counselor, Family & Children’s Service

Offered individual and family therapy to clients who are on Families First (welfare assistance program), concerning mental health issues as well as issues dealing with domestic violence, child behavior problems, and substance abuse.

  • October 2003-April 2004: Residential Therapist, Centerstone Mental Health Facility

Provided individual, group, and family therapy to boys and girls who are in state’s custody in a residential setting.  Involved in multidisciplinary treatment team meetings that determine the best services needed for each child.  Develop treatment plans to provide long term and short term goals to guide children in completing the program.

  • June 2003-September 2003: Master’s Practicum, Centerstone Mental Health Facility, Therapist Intern

- Provision of individual and group psychotherapy to children and adolescents;  Alcohol and drug, self-esteem, and anger management support groups. Utilization of cognitive-behavioral techniques IQ, achievement, and personality assessment to determine diagnosis

Teaching Experience

  • University of Arkansas - Little Rock, Arkansas

Psychology Department-Undergraduate Course

·        1/09-5/09, 8/09-12/09, 8/13-present: Psychology and the Human Experience

·        08/11-present: Learning and Memory

  • Pulaski Technical University - North Little Rock, Arkansas

Psychology Department-Undergraduate Course

·        08/10-12/10, 01/11-05/11: Psychology and the Human Experience

  • Kaplan University - Online Instructor

Psychology Department-Undergraduate Course

·        08/10-11/10: Exceptional Needs of Children

·        11/09-02/10, 02/10-05/10: General Psychology

  • Philander Smith College - Little Rock, Arkansas

Psychology Department-Undergraduate Course

·        10/08-12/08, 1/09-5/09: Developmental Psychology

·        01/10-04/10: Abnormal Psychology 

  • Tennessee State University - Nashville, Tennessee

Psychology Department-Undergraduate Courses

·           1/07-5/07: Theories of Personality

·           1/07-5/07, 8/07-12/07: Developmental Psychology

·            1/08-5/08, 6/08-7/08: Human Growth & Learning

·        1/07-5/07, 1/08-5/08: Drugs and Behavior                   

·        6/08-07/08: Psychology of the Black Experience

Scholarly Presentations 

  • Person and Family Centered Services
  • Cultural Competence
  • Ethical Responsibilities
  • Recovery Oriented Services
  • The Role of Culture in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Health Problems for the African American Patient
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the Treatment of Depression
  • The Road to Becoming a Clinical Psychologist
  • Reconnecting:  Improving the transition from the Battlefront to the Home Front
  • Bridging the Gap:  Meeting the Needs of the Black Community
  • Supported Volunteer Program for Veterans with a Serious Mental Illness

Professional Organizations and Affiliations

  • Arkansas Psychological Association, Director At Large
  • Arkansas Association of Black Psychology Professionals
  • Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System, APA- approved-Psychology Training Programs, Assistant Director of Training, Psychosocial Rehabilitation Fellowship Program