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Glen White, Ph.D.

Work Address:  415 N. McKinley, Suite 500, Little Rock, AR 72205

Telephone: 501-664-6632 (work)


1975:  Mississippi State University, Psychology, B.S.

1981: University of Southern Mississippi, Psychology, M.A.

MASTER'S THESIS:  Factor analysis of a new assertion inventory, 1980.

1984:  University of Southern Mississippi, Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.

DOCTORAL DISSERTATION:  Behavioral control of respiration during sleep:  The effects of task complexity and stimulus meaningfulness, 1985.

August, 1982 to August, 1983:  APA approved Clinical Psychology internship at Colmery O'Neil VA Medical Center, Topeka, KS.  Four month rotations on psychiatric admissions unit, alcohol and drug treatment unit, and neuropsychological assessment unit.  Provided long- and short-term individual and group psychotherapy.  Administered, scored, and wrote intellectual, personality, and neuropsychological test batteries (Wechsler scales, MMPI, Rorschach, TAT, Halstead-Reitan, etc.)  Served on interdisciplinary teams planning patient treatment.  Provided assertiveness training to patients and in-service training to hospital staff.  Attended year-long seminars on treatment of Vietnam veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and on sleep and dreaming.  Received two-day training adjunct at Western Missouri Mental Health Center with Steven Mandracchia, Ph.D., in Forensic Psychology.


May, 1981 to August, 1981:  Traineeship at Biloxi, MS; VA Medical Center.  Provided psychological evaluations, diagnostic interviews, and group and individual psychotherapy to four wards of acute and chronic psychiatric in-patients.  Served on interdisciplinary team evaluating and designing programs for treatment of ward patients.


August, 1980 to May, 1981:  Practicum placement at Harrison County, MS. Juvenile Court, performing psychological evaluations of juvenile offenders within the justice system and making adjudication and treatment recommendations to the court.



August, 1981, to August, 1982:  National Institute of Health funded research assistantship with John Harsh, Ph.D. at University of Southern Mississippi.  Served as sleep laboratory technician.  Scored sleep records of research subjects.  Provided computer data analysis.


September to December, 1997:  Research Skills Course taught by Mick Tilford, Ph.D., UAMS & ACH, Center for Applied Research and Evaluation.


October, 2001:  Mediation and dispute resolution training.  This training resulted in certification for engaging in professional family mediation.  Trainer:  Nancy Matthews, M.S., LPE.





November, 2007 to Present: Clinical Psychologist and facility Recovery Coordinator for Central Arkansas Veteran’s Healthcare System (CAVHS, North Little Rock division, Mental Health Services).  Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor in the Psychiatry department, College of Medicine, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS).


·       Facilitate system change toward recovery-oriented services

·       Educate and consult with staff, Veterans and families about recovery-oriented services

·       Provide clinical and rehabilitative services with a recovery focus to veterans, primarily those diagnosed with a Serious Mental Illness

·       Provide training and supervision of psychology interns and postdoctoral fellows, as well as interns and fellows from social work, vocational counseling, and other areas

·       Development of family services program for Veterans and their families

·       Professional lectures and presentations to psychology interns and faculty, VA staff, veterans and the public

·       Member of psychology intern, postdoctoral fellowship training committees and the Interprofessional PSR fellowship.

·       Advisory role for Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center (PRRC) and assist with screens, assessment, groups, staffings.

·       Serve as liaison between Veterans’ Consumer Advisory Council, and CAVHS Mental Health Service leadership.

·       CAVHS Integrated Ethics Committee:  provide consultation on ethical questions from facility personnel via Ethics Consult program; Coordinate, with Casper Nehus (CAVHS Compliance Director), the Moral Distress Initiative, assessing and intervening in facility programs with high levels of Moral Distress.

·       Areas of emphasis clinically include family-based services, serious mental illness, and treatment impact of psychosocial interventions. 

·       Faculty mentor for psychology diversity committee.

·       CAVHS administrative roles include(d): Chair Family Services Committee. Serve on facility Ethics Committee, preventive ethics and ethics education work groups.  Serve on TQI Steering Committee  & Mental Health Executive Board. Chair Mental Health Services Recovery committee. Served on work groups for: Inpatient Handbook Implementation, 3H dual diagnosis unit program improvement and Mental Health Advance Directives (the latter including coordinating training for mental health staff).  

·       Serve on recruiting panels for selection of persons to fill job openings. 

·       Coordinate effort to develop database resource guide for staff and Veterans.

·       Plan and develop webpage updates for Mental Health Service. 

·       Serve on CAVHS LGBT subcommittee of Diversity Advisory Committee.

·       Serve as controlled substance inspector for facility.

·       Point of contact for VISN 16 VA facilities’ Recovery Coordinators. 

·       Serve on CAVHS outreach team. 

·       Help plan, develop LRC VISN 16 strategic planning videoconference.

·       Served as VISN 16 LRC representative to Consumer Advisory Board.

·       Committee to plan for annual community summit on Veterans’ issues, 2015, 2016.

·       Chair family services panel for summit, 2015.

·       Collaborate with CAVHS Mental Health Education Director in developing and implementing plan to provide evidence-based, recovery-oriented staff trainings, based on needs assessment survey.  Plan for incorporating this training into annual required training for nursing competency recertification.

·       Develop, maintain and expand SharePoint sites for trainees and staff as comprehensive resource center on Recovery related issues, including family services library.

·       Collaborate across disciplines in various initiatives, including parenting education, relationship resiliency, family services, therapeutic music, couples relationships.

·       Produce and/or lead:  recovery newsletter, monthly recovery journal club, quarterly MHS recovery trainings.

·       From 2007-09, served as psychologist for the Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center, an intensive outpatient interdisciplinary team providing an array of clinical and rehabilitative services for Veterans diagnosed with a Serious Mental Illness.

·       From 2009-2013, served as Director of Postdoctoral and Interdisciplinary Fellowship Training, both serving directly under supervision of ACOS for Mental Health Services and, for training duties, Chief of Psychology. 

·       Developed training program and administrative structure, resulting in being granted initial full accreditation (for 7 years) from American Psychological Association for postdoctoral training in Clinical Psychology. 

·       Subsequently initiated and assisted in preparing proposals to VA’s national office coordinating education seeking expansion of both CAVHS internship and postdoctoral fellowship training programs; both proposals were accepted and resulted in additional training slots for CAVHS. 


November, 1992 to November, 2007:  Assistant clinical attending professor and Clinical Psychologist in Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry) at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Child Study Center outpatient clinic at Arkansas Children's Hospital and UAMS Programs for Young Adults, and Turning Point inpatient psychiatric unit for children. 

·       Various clinical, research, training, administrative, quality improvement, program evaluation and program development efforts. Training director of American Psychological Association-accredited clinical psychology internship program. 

·       Provided full range of psychological services to children, adolescents, young adults and their families, including psychodiagnostic, psychological and neuropsychological evaluations of children and adolescents.  Delivered individual, group, and family therapy, crisis intervention, emergency assessments.  Developed treatment groups and programs, including parent training, anger control and social skills groups.

·       Provided clinical and primary supervisory services to and devised group behavior program for intensive day treatment model summer program for at-risk youth.

·       Developed clinical programs for Community Outreach Program (COP). Developed and coordinated outcomes assessment efforts for summer program.

·       Group therapist and discipline specialist with COP summer day treatment program.

·       Developed programs within Community Outreach Program targeting day treatment  (with Rivendell Psychiatric Services) and residential (with United Methodist Children’s Home) populations of adolescents. 

·       Evaluated and provided consultative services to adolescents housed at United Methodist Children’s Home.  Led staffing and maintained medical records.

·       Coordinated, delivered telepsychiatry services;  planned and developed telepsychiatry services and consultation to rural areas of state.

·       Provided services to DHS contract patients, including a parent education and support group.


·       Provided and directed all psychological services for acute inpatient psychiatric unit  (Turning Point-TP) for children ages 3 ‑ 17 at the Arkansas Children's Hospital as part of a multidisciplinary team.  Consulted with schools and special education personnel regarding needs of patients on TP. Designed and implemented behavioral programs for unit children.  Unit closed in 1998.

·       Provided crisis-oriented brief assessment and treatment via on-call coverage (Patient Referral Center) of emergency referrals to hospital.          

·       Evaluated community individuals referred by courts upon special request of division faculty.

·       Provided psychological evaluations and consultation for substance disorders program.

·       Provided clinical services to students and families at school-based settings in Little Rock; provided school consultation with teachers, counselors and school administrators.

·       Therapist for psychotherapy groups with children having recent grief and loss issues and for anger control and social skills training.

·       Training director and chair of training committee for UAMS clinical psychology internship program. Developed training program for pre-doctoral psychology interns and provided overall direction of APA-accredited internship training program in Clinical Psychology (with emphasis in child clinical psychology).

·       Served as training supervisor for psychology predoctoral interns, both as rotation supervisor and primary supervisor, a mentorship role.  Supervised activities include psychological testing, individual, group, and family psychotherapy, psychodiagnostics, professional issues, behavioral programming, working with a multi-disciplinary team, program development and evaluation, and empirically supported treatments.

·       Lecturer at ongoing series of training seminars for Clinical Psychology interns and for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry fellows, both of which were accredited training programs within the department and division.  Topics included: Problem-Based Learning, Ethics, Working with the Courts, Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessment, Personality Assessment, Filial Play Therapy, ADHD, Anxiety Disorders in Children, Cognitive-Behavioral Assessment and Treatment of Children, Learning Disability, Behavioral And Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy With Children, Social Skills Training With Children, Effective Reading Of The Research Literature, Screening And Psychometric Issues, Empirically Supported Treatments In Children, Risk Management Issues, Supervision, Five-Factor Model Of Personality, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Psychological Assessment Of Cognitive And Personality Characteristics In Children, Asperger’s Syndrome, and Youth Violence and Media Influence.

·       Coordinated seminar series for internship, joint seminars with other internships in area, and other joint meetings.

·       Provided training and supervision of adult and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry residents and fellows in psychotherapy. 

·       Provided supervision and training for psychology interns from Arkansas State Hospital internship program. 

·       Provided supervision and training for master’s level interns in Psychology.

·       Initiated media contacts and consultation, public education efforts on various topics as UAMS faculty and Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH) psychologist.

·       Consulted with UAMS and ACH faculty, staff, students on clinical and training issues.

·       Directed annual 3-day conference on ADHD and LD, 2003, 2004, 2005.  Sponsored by Partners In Behavioral Health Sciences, UAMS, Little Rock, AR.

·       Lectured to medical students in the Behavioral Sciences class on learning disability.

·       Provided social work student training as requested; supervision provided included feedback to interns doing parent interviews and family therapy.

·       Co-moderated Developmental Neuropsychiatry seminar for child psychiatry fellows, 1996.

·       Lectured to 3rd year medical students on mental retardation and pervasive developmental disorders as part of Psychiatry Clerkship lecture series.

·       Provided instruction to medical students during their six-week placement on Turning Point unit (TP).  Trained medical students in basic behavioral assessment of children. 

·       Developed, coordinated, and implemented internship program for Master's level psychology students at Arkansas Children's Hospital.

·       Provided weekly supervision to Psychiatry residents on their adult psychotherapy cases, providing training and case-by-case supervision in advanced psychotherapy techniques. 

·       Provided ongoing supervision of master's level Psychological Examiners for both UAMS and Arkansas Children's Hospital (ACH). 

·       Supervised new faculty Ph.D. prior to licensure in Arkansas.  Supervised Psychological Examiners and Psychology Interns prior to licensure of newly-arrived faculty Ph.D.

·       Directed programs and operation of division of child and adolescent psychiatry as member of division steering committee.

·       Training director for Psychology Internship 2003-2007, responsible for budgeting and personnel planning, decision-making and management for training program.  Accomplishments included developing budget for first time for the internship and achieving budget surpluses my final two years; successful reaccreditation for the maximum period of seven years in 2004; and continual successful placement of interns in postdoctoral and employment settings. 

·       Developed and maintained website for Child Study Center and Psychology Internship.

·       Served on committee for planning conversion of clinical forms to electronic medical records.

·       Coordinated ongoing Continuing Medical Education (CME) conference for division faculty, clinical staff, residents, and interns, soliciting/scheduling speakers, maintaining attendance records, obtaining speaker evaluations, and documenting CME activities with CME office.

·       Directed state conference on ADHD and LD, sponsored by PIBHS, a program of the UAMS Department of Psychiatry, 2003, 2004, 2005.

·       Served on inter-agency group for improving coordination among mental health and developmental disability professionals.

·       Oriented new support staff.  Trained paraprofessional staff.

·       Served as HIPAA privacy officer for division.

·       Member Department of Psychiatry Resident Research Committee, 1996-2003.

·       Chaired behavioral management committee for department of Psychiatry charged with developing departmental policies and procedures related to behavior management and reviewing and approving department programs.

·       Led division efforts to develop policies and procedures in response to new policies implemented at department level and to comply with JCAHO standards.

·       Testified before state legislative committees on issues surrounding child mental health.

·       Led efforts of division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry to develop policies and procedures and related forms in response to changes required by Medicaid managed care; associated quality improvement activity.

·       Community prevention efforts in the schools via videotape presentation and guided discussion on youth violence issues.

·       Directed evaluation of summer program outcomes in 1999, 2000.

·       Alternate to Medical School Promotions Committee for class of 1995.

·       Served on Department of Psychiatry’s Improving Organizational Performance committee (using Total Quality Improvement philosophy) charged with working to improve ongoing processes and products of the department and its programs. 

·       Chaired subcommittee that developed policies and procedures in Assessment as part of initial preparation for first accreditation site visit by Joint Committee On Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Member of workgroup on development of data measurement efforts of department.

·       Appointed to on UAMS Human Research Advisory Committee for assurance of ethical treatment of human research subjects.  Service included monthly review of research protocols and consent forms from proposed research projects at UAMS, ACH, VAMC and selected other institutions. 

·       Served on committee that developed standards for obtaining informed consent on research subjects whose competency to consent was in question. 

·       Chaired committee charged with developing standards for handling issues of limits of confidentiality in psychiatric research.

·       Served on committee charged with developing comprehensive and ongoing orientation and continuing education for faculty and staff in division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

·       Served on Inpatient Operations Committee to plan for management and development of inpatient psychiatric program.  Assist in program design and implementation as part of effort to redirect unit activities toward shorter-term, stabilization program.   Coordinate and lead inpatient unit's clinical staff meeting.


February, 1984 to October, 1992: Clinical Psychologist at Professional Counseling Associates, Little Rock, AR. 

·       Provided outpatient individual psychotherapy, group therapy, and family therapy to adults, children, and families. 

·       Provided consultation and education services to community.  Served on clinical quality assurance committee. 

·       Performed comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological evaluations for staff, community agencies, and courts. 

·       Developed and coordinated anxiety disorders treatment program. 

·       Supervised master's level interns and psychological examiners in therapy and testing. 

·       Provided forensic evaluations and expert testimony to circuit courts. 

·       Anxiety support group consultant.


Spring, 1991 to Fall, 1996: Adjunct faculty at University of Arkansas at Little Rock. 

·       Courses taught include Abnormal Psychology, Projective Personality Assessment and Introduction to Psychology.




March, 1978 to August, 1978:

Parent Educator under John Lipscomb, Ph.D., Jaycee Evaluation Center; Ellisville, MS.  Responsibilities included:

·       Delivered results of team evaluations of children referred for various psychological and developmental deficits. 

·       Designed and wrote home programs for children and trained parents in their implementation. 

·       Monitored status of child and programs. 

·       Served as liaison between parents and community agencies.


June, 1975 to March, 1978: Psychology technician at Ellisville State School, Ellisville, MS, state institution for the developmentally delayed.  Responsibilities included:

·       Wrote and implemented individual and group behavioral management programs. 

·       Performed psychological testing under supervision of doctoral psychologist. 

·       Provided crisis intervention services. 

·       Served on or chaired various interdisciplinary teams planning total patient care. 

·       Provided staff in-service training. 

·       Designed and implemented token economy program for high-functioning adolescent patients. 

·       Co-authored self-help skills training manual.


June, 1974 to August, 1974: Psychology coop student at Ellisville State School, Ellisville, MS, state institution for the developmentally delayed.  Responsibilities included:

·       Wrote and implemented individual and group behavioral management programs. 

·       Performed psychological testing under supervision of doctoral psychologist. 

·       Provided crisis intervention services.




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Children’s University Medical Group Award ($13,204):   Principal investigator. “Validity of the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test vocabulary and matrices subtests based on differential relationship to language screening test scores.” 2001-2004.




Co-investigator for Partners In Behavioral Health Sciences (PIBHS), an NIH-funded project led by Principal Investigators Terry Kramer, Ph.D and Joanne Kirchner, M.D.  The major goal of this program was to develop and evaluate a science-based educational program on the biology, etiology, prevention and treatment of mental illness through a partnership of researchers, clinicians and primary and secondary educators and school personnel.  My role was as faculty on Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders, Learning Disabilities, and Pervasive Developmental and Autism Spectrum Disorders.  A primary role was director of the annual PIBHS conference on ADHD and LD for mental health professionals, educators, and consumers.  I also served as project leader and subsequently completed development and distribution of a toolkit for teachers that provides a scientifically-based curriculum for teaching secondary students about the scientific basis for depression.  I also updated the PIBHS website and created curriculum presentations for use by teachers teaching scientific basis of depression to high school students.




·       Parenting workshop conducted in collaboration with Vet Center of North Little Rock for Veterans, active duty personnel, January, 2016, Little Rock.

·       Team building workshops conducted during annual strategic planning retreats for CAVHS Vocational Rehabilitation program at CAVHS and for Vet Center in North Little Rock, winter, 2015.

·       Co-authored poster with Dr. Leo Caraballo (Phoenix VA) on “Expanding Recovery Through Training: Developing Education for the Future of Recovery,” presented at June, 2015 national conference of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, Philadelphia, PA.

·       Expanding Recovery Through Involvement with Training Programs:  How LRC's Can Leverage Their Efforts. Presentation to national Local Recovery Coordinators conference, September 18, 2014, Orlando, FL.

·       Moving CAVHS toward more recovery-oriented practices.  Series of staff trainings for Mental Health Services staff at CAVHS. 2011-2014, North Little Rock, AR.

·       Mental Health Recovery: New approaches in health care services.  Presentation to meeting of National Association for Social Work, Arkansas chapter.  Summer 2012, Little Rock, AR.

·       Motivational Interviewing.  Presentation, along with Drs. Brandy Dean and Kristen Viverito to meeting of Little Rock area organizations and leaders in services to the homeless.  January 31, 2011, Little Rock, AR.

·       Recovery from mental illness: New approaches for CAVHS.  Presentation to meeting of Little Rock area organizations and leaders in services to the homeless.  April 28, 2010, Little Rock, AR.

·       Psychological Trauma of War:  Helping Adolescents and Families. Joint conference of UAMS Psychiatry, South Central MIRECC, and Arkansas Counselor’s Association, June 25, 2009, Little Rock, AR.

·       Adolescent Children Of Military Parents:  Developmental Considerations & Interventions.  Joint conference of UAMS Psychiatry, South Central MIRECC, and Arkansas Counselor’s Association, June 24, 2009, Little Rock, AR.

·       Psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery approaches in mental health.  Annual conference of the Dr. Robert Elliot foundation, June, 2008, Searcy, AR.

·       Scientific basis of ADHD and LD, conference director, presenter on various topics.  Annual conference presented to Arkansas educators, professionals three days each summer in 2003, 2004, 2005.  Sponsored by Partners In Behavioral Health Sciences, UAMS, Little Rock, AR.

·       Scientific basis of Depression, presenter on high school curriculum toolkit for teaching scientific basis of depression.  Annual conference presented to Arkansas educators and health professionals on three days each summer in 2004, 2005.  Sponsored by Partners In Behavioral Health Sciences at UAMS, Little Rock, AR.

·       Creation, evaluation, and dissemination of a Toolkit for teaching the scientific basis of depression.  J. Glen White, Ph.D., Bruce Cohen M.S., J. Chris Rule, LCSW, JoAnn E. Kirchner, M.D., Teresa L. Kramer, Ph.D., E. Robert Burns, Ph.D.  Poster presentation at annual meeting of SEPA Program Director’s Conference, Tuscon, AZ, February, 2005.

·       Asperger’s Disorder: Diagnosis and Treatment.  Presented with Rachel Bowman, Ph.D. at Arkansas Psychological Association spring conference, Little Rock, AR, April, 2004.

·       Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.  Learning disorders.  Asperger’s & autism spectrum disorders. Presented at Partners In Behavioral Health Sciences workshop, Little Rock, June, 2002.

·       Assessment and treatment of children in mental health.  Presented at Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health conference, Little Rock, AR, May, 2002.

·       Caldarella, P., Allen, K., White, G., Simpson, P., Parker, J., & Hall, R.  Validity of the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test (KBIT) Vocabulary Subtest: An Archival Study.  Presented at Rocky Mountain Psychological Association, Park City, UT, April, 2002. 

·       ADHD and Asperger’s Disorder:  What happens when they grow up?  Annual Forensic Conference sponsored by Arkansas Department of Mental Health, Little Rock, AR, March, 2002.

·       Validity Of The Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test Vocabulary And Matrices Subtest Scores As Measures Of Verbal And Nonverbal Ability Based On Differential Relationship To Language Test Performance.  Poster at UAMS Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds, Little Rock, AR, January, 2002.

·       “Psychological stress in the workplace.”  Arkansas Psychological Association spring conference, Little Rock, AR, April, 2001.

·       “Empirically supported treatments in child mental health.”  Arkansas Psychological Association fall conference, Little Rock, AR, November, 2000.

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·       Counselor Training: Managing Child Behavior, May, 2016, Camp Mitchell, AR.

·       Group facilitation skills training series for CAVHS Mental Health Service staff, 2015-16

·       Psychological Science and Wellness, presented at Wellness Changes Everything retreat, February, 2016, Camp Mitchell, AR.

·       Training seminars for CAVHS Interprofessional Fellowship in variety of topics, including:  individual psychotherapy skills and evidence base for relationship contributions to outcome in psychotherapy; Whole Health Coaching basics; Advance Directives; Effectiveness of Psychosocial Interventions; Science of Depression; Supervision; Family Psychoeducation; Behavioral Family Therapy. 2007-2016, Little Rock, AR.

·       Developed and presented series of trainings for CAVHS mental health staff on advance directives, including psychiatric advance directives, 2014-15.

·       Training seminars for CAVHS Intern Development Seminar series in variety of topics, including:  Schizophrenia and Serious Mental Illness; Advance Directives; Effectiveness of Psychosocial Interventions; Science of Depression; Supervision; Evidence-based Family Interventions and  Services. 2007-2016, Little Rock, AR.

·       Psychological testing overview, presented to Psychiatry residents, UAMS, May, 2010, Little Rock, AR

·       Cutting and self-injury in adolescents.  Interview for program on PBS affiliate AETN in Conway, AR, June, 2007.

·       Psychological Testing.  Presented to UAMS Psychiatry residents, UAMS, Little Rock, AR, May, 2007.

·       ADHD Update.  Family Practice physician’s update conference, UAMS, Little Rock, AR, May, 2007.

·       ADHD and Asperger’s Disorder.  Presented to Central Arkansas autism support group, Little Rock, AR, May, 2007.

·       Diversity and gender.  Presented with Terri Miller, PhD, at joint meeting of interns from UAMS, VA, and Arkansas State Hospital, Little Rock, AR, May, 2007.

·       School-based mental health services and consultation.  Presented to joint meeting of UAMS Psychiatry Residents and Psychology Interns with training committee faculty, Little Rock, AR, March, 2007.

·       Autism, Asperger’s and the Pervasive Developmental disorders.  Presented to UAMS Psychiatry residents, UAMS, Little Rock, AR, January, 2007.

·       Psychology as a career.  Presented to North Little Rock School district High School Medical Careers classes, Little Rock, AR, December, 2006.

·       Depression and Anxiety.  Presented to UAMS Psychology Interns with Dawn Doray, Psy.D., Little Rock, AR, October, 2006.

·       Supervision.  Presented to UAMS Psychology Interns with training committee faculty, Little Rock, AR, July, 2206 and July, 2004.

·       Understanding ADHD.  Presented to North Little Rock School district Parent Summit, North Little Rock, AR March, 2006.

·       Filial play therapy.  Presented to UAMS Psychology Interns, Little Rock, AR, May, 2006 and September, 2004.

·       The scientific basis of depression and issues with youth.  Presented to the Arkansas Education Association conference, Little Rock, AR.  November, 2005. 

·       Addressing the Effects of Catastrophic Experiences on Staff:  Stress Reduction.   Presented with Dawn Doray, Psy.D. to Arkansas School Counselors at the Surviving Catastrophic

Trauma conference, sponsored by the Arkansas Chapter of National Association of Social Workers, at Clinton Presidential Library, Little Rock, AR October, 2005.

·       ADHD panel discussant at annual meeting of Learning disabilities Association of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR, April, 2005.

·       Youth depression and suicide update.  Annual Pediatric Nursing Update, sponsored by Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Little Rock, AR, March, 2004 & 2005.

·       Filial play therapy skills.  Presented with Betti Hamilton, LCSW, to UAMS division of Pediatric Psychiatry, Little Rock, AR, September, 2004.

·       Depression, violence and media: Issues with Youth.  Presented to UAMS College of Public Health graduate class on Adolescent Health, Little Rock, AR, September, 2004 and 2005.

·       Developmentally appropriate behavior in young children.  Presented with Rachel Bowman, Ph.D. to Kids First staff, Little Rock, AR, August, 2004.

·       Anxiety disorders.  Presented to high school psychology class, Jacksonville, AR,  Nov, 2003.

·       Depression.  Presented to high school psychology class, Jacksonville, AR, Nov, 2003.

·       Teaching the scientific basis of depression:  A unique teaching toolkit for teachers.  Presented to Arkansas Education Association conference, Little Rock, AR, Nov, 2003.

·       Adolescent violence and depression.  Presented at 7th annual New Drug Update Pre-Conference, sponsored by UAMS Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, Little Rock, AR, October, 2003.

·       Scientific basis of mental illness.  Interactive televideo presentation to several high school classes in AR, Sept, 2003.

·       Overview of Aspergers Disorder and its treatment.  Presented at monthly meeting of Arkansas Autism Society, Little Rock, AR, May, 2003. 

·       Research, treatment and stigma in mental illness.  Presented at Central High School, research class, Little Rock, AR, September, 2002. 

·       Risk management and HIPAA issues.  Presented to Child and Adolescent Psychiatry division as part of the Continuing Medical Education series, Little Rock, AR, March, 2002.

·       Child Study Center Mediation Project.  Panel presentation to Child and Adolescent Psychiatry as part of the Continuing Medical Education series, Little Rock, AR, February, 2002. 

·       ADHD:  What Science Tells us about Children with Problems of Inattention and Hyperactivity.   Presented via interactive televideo conferencing (ITV), sponsored by Partners In Behavioral Health Sciences, Little Rock, AR. Various dates in 2001, 2002, 2003.

·       Youth violence:  Role-playing scenarios for teachers.  Presented at PIBHS summer workshop on PTSD and youth violence, Little Rock, AR, July, 2001. 

·       ADHD and LD Basics.  Presented at Partners In Behavioral Health Sciences (PIBHS) summer workshop on ADHD and LD, Little Rock, AR, June, 2001. 

·       “Job-related stress.”  Series of radio interviews on public radio station KUAR-FM as part of the series: “Here’s to your Health.”  May, 2001. 

·       “Ethical dilemmas and the multi-disciplinary team”  Panel presentation at UAMS division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Little Rock, AR, February, 2001.

·       “Learning Disabilities:  An overview”  Annual lecture to Behavioral Sciences course (3rd year medical students) at UAMS.  2000, 2001.

·       “ADHD in School-aged Children”  Co-presented at Mid-South Summer School at University of Arkansas at Little Rock, June, 2000.

·       “Empirically supported treatments in child mental health”  Series of three presentations to division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, April thru June, 2000.

·       “American Psychological Association/Music Television Youth Violence” forums.  Presented to several middle and high-school classes at various times in 1999-2000.

·       “Telepsychiatry in Pediatric Psychiatry:  Promises and Pitfalls.”  Presented to division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, July, 1999.

·       “The Five-Factor Model of Personality Assessment.”  Presented to division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, August, 1997.

·       "Overview of Mental Retardation and Pervasive Developmental Disorders" continuing presentation to third-year medical students, 1996.

·       "Non-verbal learning disabilities overview" presented to Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, August, 1996.

·       "Learning Disabilities and Emotional Development," January, 1996, Youth Home, Inc. in-service training meeting.

·       "Neuropsychological Assessment:  An Overview," Psychology Intern Training Seminar, Arkansas Children's Hospital, Little Rock, AR, May, 1996.

·       "Ethical Issues in the Clinical Practice of Psychology," Intern Training Seminar, Arkansas Children's Hospital, Little Rock, AR, July, 1994.

·       "Psychologists in the Courts," Intern Training Seminar, Arkansas Children's Hospital, Little Rock, AR, April, 1994.




·       Fall meetings of Arkansas Psychological Association, October, 2015, Little Rock, AR.

·       National peer specialists supervisor training conference, spring 2015, Phoenix, AZ.

·       Fall meetings of Arkansas Psychological Association, October, 2014, Conway, AR.

·       National conference of Veterans Administration Recovery Coordinators, Sept 15-18, 2014, Orlando, FL.

·       United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association national conference, June 2011, Boston, MA

·       National conference of Veterans Administration Recovery Coordinators, May 2010, San Antonio, TX.

·       National conference of Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Centers, sponsored by Veterans Administration, April 2009, New Orleans, LA.

·       United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association conference, June, 2009, Norfolk, VA

·       Advanced training in Behavioral Family Therapy.  Shirley Glynn, Ph.D.  September, 2008.  Long Beach, CA.

·       Behavioral Family Therapy training.  Shirley Glynn, Ph.D.  February, 2008, New Orleans, LA.

·       Multi-family Psychoeducational Group training.  Phil Collin, LCSW.  January, 2008, Minneapolis, MN.

·       Boston Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation training in Psychosocial Rehabilitation.  Multiple dates from October, 2007 through August, 2008, totaling 11 days, all in Little Rock, AR.

·       Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers conference.  March, 2007, San Diego, CA; 2003 & 2005, Orlando, FL; and 2001, New Orleans, LA. 

·       American Psychological Association conference, August, 2004, Honolulu, HI.

·       Annual and bi-annual educational conferences of the Arkansas Psychological Association, most years from 1993-2006, Little Rock, AR.

·       Child Neuropsychological Evaluations.  Jane Holmes Bernstein, Ph.D.  Cape Cod Institute, Wellfleet, MA.  August 4-8, 2003.

·       American Psychological Association annual conference, 2002.  Chicago, Il.

·       Diversity training.  June, 2001.  UAMS Child Study Center, Little Rock, AR.   

·       Legal and ethical risk management in Professional Psychological Practice.  Dr. Jeffrey Younggren, Feb. 9, 2001, Little Rock, AR.

·       Positive discipline.  Parenting training workshop with Jane Nelsen, Ed.D.  Nov. 16-17, 2000, Little Rock, AR.

·       Autism treatment approaches.  Workshop sponsored by Arkansas School Psychology Association, 10-6-2000, Little Rock, AR

·       Parenting Education conference, Arkansas Children’s Hospital, 9-20-2000, Little Rock, AR.

·       Autism Training.   Workshop presented by Karan Burnette, LCSW, August 8-9, 2000, Little Rock, AR.

·       Theraplay.  Seminar at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Child Study Center, 6-8-2000.

·       Empirically Supported Treatments in Child Mental Health.  Conference at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, July 1999.

·       6th annual Forensic conference, Arkansas Mental Health division, Little Rock, AR, March 4-5, 1999.

·       Edwards, M.  Parent-child relationship therapy.  University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Department of Child and Adolescents, Little Rock, AR, Feb. 26, 1999.

·       Wexler, D.  Cognitive behavior therapy with adolescents:  Strategies for self-esteem, self-management, and self soothing.  New England Educational Institute, August 17-21, 1998, Eastham, MA.                      

·       Friedberg, R.  Cognitive-behavioral treatment of children and adolescents. Arkansas Psychological Association, Little Rock, Ar., May 8, 1997.

·       Autism conference; Arkansas Autism Society; Little Rock, AR, Nov. 20-21, 1997.

·       Play therapy techniques with children; Cognitive-behavioral play theory. Association for Play Therapy, Chicago, October 9-12, 1996.

·       Planned Short-Term Psychotherapy.  Workshop on Brief, Time-Limited Psychotherapy provided by Bernard Bloom, Ph.D., and sponsored by the Arkansas Psychological Association.  Little Rock, Arkansas; April, 1994.

·       Advanced Child Neuropsychological Assessment.  Workshop in Clinical Neuropsychology provided by Ralph Reitan and associates.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; July, 1993.

·       Use of the Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Test Battery.  Workshop in Clinical Neuropsychology provided by Ralph Reitan and associates.  Dallas, Texas; March, 1993.

·       Outpatient forensic evaluation of competence and responsibility in Arkansas. 

·       Workshops sponsored by Arkansas Department of Mental Health-Forensic Services.  Little Rock, AR, 1989 and 1990.  Resulted in Certification in providing forensic evaluations in state of Arkansas as per Act 645 of 1989. 

·       Assessment, legal, and ethical issues in forensic psychology.  Workshop sponsored by American Board of Professional Psychology.  David Shapiro, Ph.D., presenter.  Portland, OR, July, 1990.

·       Supervising counselors and psychotherapists.  Workshop sponsored by American  Psychological Association, August 15, 1988.  Dr’s. Stoltenberg, McNeil, and Delworth, presenters.  Atlanta, GA.

·       Exner comprehensive Rorschach system.  Presenter:  John Exner, Ph.D.  Sponsored by Arkansas Psychological Association, Nov., 1987.  Little Rock, AR.

·       Advances in diagnosis and treatment of sexual problems.  Joseph LoPiccolo, Ph.D. Workshop sponsored by Arkansas Psychological Association, Hot Springs, AR, November, 1986.

·       Phobia Society of America.  1985-88, annual conferences in Dallas, New York, Boston.

·       Clinical approaches to hypnosis, Dr. Theodore X. Barber.  St. Louis, MO; May, 1985.

·       Cognitive behavior modification, Dr. Donald Meichenbaum.  Workshop sponsored by Arkansas Psychological Association, Little Rock, AR; April, 1985.

·       Hypnosis and imagery in the treatment of cancer patients, Stephanie Simonton.  Presentation sponsored by Arkansas Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Little Rock, AR; February, 1985.

·       Family Technique Workshop sponsored by Arkansas Psychological Association and presented by Florence Kaslow, Ph.D.; April, 1984.

·       Series of seminars jointly sponsored by Menninger Foundation and Topeka VAMC.  Lectures included Ernest Hartmann, M.D.; Janet Spence, Ph.D.; Robert Heath, M. D.; September, 1982 to August, 1983.




Training, serious mental illness, family services, effectiveness of psychosocial interventions.




·       Fellow, Arkansas Psychological Association, 2004

·       Recipient of Red Sash awards from Senior medical students at UAMS for excellence in teaching, classes of 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000.

·       Marquis' Who's Who in the South and Southwest, 1992, 1996

·       Marquis' Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare, 1995

·       Outstanding Young Man of the Year, 1976

·       Outstanding Young Man of the Year, 1977




·       American Psychological Association, member

o   Site visit chair for internships and postdoctoral residencies for Commission for Consultation and Accreditation

·       Arkansas Psychological Association (ArPA), fellow

o   Board of Directors, 1999-2001 & 2015 to 2016.

o   Legislative committee co-chair, 2014-present

o   Chaired negotiating committee to advocate for passing legislation to address present licensure and practice issues within profession of Psychology in Arkansas

o   Co-administrator of listserv; webmaster of ArPA webpage, 1999-2003




·       Arkansas Psychological Association:  Legislative Committee

·       Member, National Alliance on Mental Illness.

·       Consultant on mental health issues to Episcopal Mental Illness Network

·       Episcopal Health Ministries committee

·       Dick Johnston Camp for Children of the Incarcerated at Camp Mitchell on Petit Jean mountain, Arkansas: Provide training for camp counselors and counselors-in-training on working effectively with children and their behavior.

·       Presenter and planning committee member for Wellness Changes Everything, a wellness retreat at Camp Mitchell on Petit Jean mountain, Arkansas for educating and promoting personal change toward greater holistic health. Focus on psychological aspects of wellness.

·       Working on development of plan for use of Restorative Justice approach as alternative to formal criminal justice system involvement in central Arkansas