Jon Nolan, MS, Doctoral Trainee

Degrees Awarded:

2016 M.S., Counseling Psychology, University of Central Arkansas

2013 B.S., Psychology & English Literature, University of Central Arkansas

Educational History
University of Central Arkansas: Conway, Ar.

  • Major: Counseling Psychology
  • Degree: PhD.; In progress
  • Dissertation: Efficacy, Feasibility, and Acceptability of a Mindfulness Based Mobile Application for Premedical and Nursing Students

University of Central Arkansas: Conway, Ar.

  • Major: Counseling Psychology
  • Degree: M.S.; December, 2016

University of Central Arkansas: Conway, Ar.

  • Major: Psychology and English Literature double major
  • Degree: B.A., May 2013
  • Honors: Summa Cum Laude

Honors and Awards
Winner of Southwestern Psychological Association Regional Research Award; April, 2013

Professional Service
Society of Counseling Psychology Students – Board Member/Newsletter Editor and Blog
Developer; 2015 – Present
Ad Hoc Reviewer – Psychological Services

Professional Affiliations
Student Member of the American Psychological Association (APA)
     Division 17 – Society of Counseling Psychology
     Division 18 – Psychologists in Public Service/Criminal Justice Section

Psi Chi International Honor Society
Student Member of the Southwestern Psychological Association

Professional Designations
Advanced Doctoral Trainee

Registered Neuropsychological Technician

Clinical and Supervisory Experience
August 2017 – Present; The Fowler Institute

  • Supervisor: Joyce Fowler, PhD
  • Provides psychotherapy, assessments (psychological, neuropsychological, and career),
    and consulting services as advanced doctoral trainee and registered neuropsychological

January 2017 – August 2017: Arkansas State Hospital

  • Supervisor: Tiffany Howell, PhD
  • Conducted forensic assessment battery for admissions and discharges that includedcognitive, neurocognitive, achievement and forensic assessments for diagnostic clarityand mood functioning. All assessments were administered, scored, interpreted, andwritten up under the supervision of Tiffany Howell, PhD., and Samuel House, MD. Developed positive behavioral support plans to assist in treatment planning.

January 2016 – December 2016 St. Vincent Outpatient Behavioral Health and Integrated Care Clinic

  • Supervisors: Lisa McNeir, PhD and Shannon Greenfield, PhD.
  • Conducted ongoing individual therapy sessions at the outpatient behavioral health clinic. At the integrated care clinic, I worked in two primary care settings with duties including conducting intakes, behavioral interventions, screening, referring to community providers, assessment, and brief therapy. Therapeutic issues included PTSD, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, delusional disorder, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. Administered assessments and provided reports pertaining to personality, mood, and intellectual functioning for diagnostic clarity and treatment planning.

August 2015 – December 2015: Youth Home, Inc

  • Conducted individual, group, and family therapy sessions for adolescent males and their families. Therapeutic issues included mood disturbances, reactive detachment disorder, trauma, and disruptive mood dysregulation disorder. Attended court hearings for non-compliant youth within the program as well as weekly multi-disciplinary meetings with the program director, onsite supervisor, psychiatrist, and group home lead staff. Administered assessments and provided reports pertaining to personality and mood functioning for diagnostic clarity and treatment planning.


                                          Accepted /Awaiting Publication

Varghese, F. P., Nolan, J. N., Bihm, E. M., Salagame, K. K. K., Khanna, R., & Rasheed Ali, S.
     (2017). Transformational leadership and Asian Indian values: Duty, selfless service, and
     nonviolence. The Counseling Psychologist, 45(6), 810-829. doi:

Maragakis, A., Nolan, J., & Lindeman, S. (2017). Adding Functional utility score to the
     evaluation of behavioral health screens in integrated care settings: What’s all the FUS
     about? Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, 6(2), 226-229. doi:

Varghese, F., Root, J., & Nolan, J. (Provisionally Accepted) Division 17 Presidential Address.
     Psychological Services.

Varghese, F., Nolan J., & Allen C. (2016). The assessment of genius. Wiley-Blackwell
     Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences.

Lindeman, S., Nolan, J., & Maragakis, A. (In Press). The epidemiology of medical diseases and
     associated behavioral risk factors. Chapter in Behavioral medicine and integrated care:
     Efficient delivery of the most effective treatments

Nolan, J., & Nail, P. (2014). Further evidence that individuals with a high preference for
     consistency are more susceptible to cognitive dissonance. Psi Chi Journal of
     Psychological Research
, 19(4), 214-219.

                                                      Under Review

Nolan, J. & Varghese, F. (Under Review). Potential for web-based and mobile application
     interventions for military children and adolescents. Submitted to Psychological Services.

Maragakis, A., Nolan, J., & Lindeman, S. (Under Review). Evidence based and intensity
     specific services in the integrated care setting: Ethical considerations for a developing
     field. Submitted to Behavior Analysis: Research and Practice.

Whitmire, J, Varghese, F., & Nolan, J. (Under Review). Exercise mobile applications for SMI
     populations: A guide for practitioners. Submitted to Psychological Services.

                                                       In Progress

Varghese, F. & Nolan, J. (In Progress). Vocational psychology and the future: The role of
     technology and telepsychology in shaping research. To be submitted to the Journal of
     Career Development.

Professional Presentations

Nolan, J. & Horn, H. (2016, September). Introduction to mindfulness and meditation.
     Presentation, invited as guest presenter to speak at the UCA Honor’s College.

Nolan J., Varghese, F., & Rowell, K. (2016, April). Career self-efficacy and aspirations in
     graduating college students
. Presentation, SWPA convention in Dallas, TX.

Nolan, J. (2016, April). Chronic Pain in an integrated care setting: A three-hour workshop.
     Presentation, University of Central Arkansas.

Nolan, J., Lindeman, S., & Root, J. (2016, April). Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: A
     three-hour workshop.
Presentation, University of Central Arkansas.

Nolan, J. (2013, April). Further evidence that high rather than low preference for consistency
     individuals are more susceptible to cognitive dissonance.
Presentation for Undergraduate
     Student Research Competition at SWPA convention in Fort Worth, TX.

Nolan, J. (2016, November). Recidivism risk for juveniles before and after mentoring program.
     Presentation, Research Colloquium at the University of Central Arkansas.

Varghese, F., Nolan, J., Stephenson O., & Whitmore, J. (2017, August). A career intervention
     for court ordered juveniles
, Preliminary data. Poster presentation, at the 2017 APA
     Annual Convention in Washington, D.C.

Relevant Employment History

Adjunct Instructor, General Psychology                                          August 2017 - Present
Department of Counseling and Psychology
University of Central Arkansas
Supervisor: Bill Lammers, PhD

Duties: Teaching General Psychology courses of approximately 60 students. Was responsible for
developing and delivering lectures; constructing and scoring tests, writing assignments, and in-
class activities, and providing feedback to students. All responsibilities were conducted in
accordance to departmental standards.

Graduate Research Assistant                                                           August 2015 - August 2017
Department of Psychology and Counseling
University of Central Arkansas
Supervisor: Dr. Femina Varghese

Duties: Program development for Central Arkansas Juvenile Mentoring Telepsychology Program
and coordinating research for the Corrections, Vocational Development, and Cultural Diversity